9 Jul 2020

The mui board will be exhibited at Cassina ixc.’s product exhibition, “Botanical Garden” starting from Thursday, July 9

mui Lab will display the mui board at the product exhibition "Botanical Garden" by Cassina ixc. from Thursday, July 9, 2020, in collaboration with Cassina ixc.  

  Botanical Garden is an exhibition that introduces new lifestyles through interiors in a time where there is a demand for ideas to create fun in the house. mui Lab will display mui at Botanical Garden as a for of biophilia tool in the office space.  *The exhibition of mui will only be at Cassina ixc. Osaka

「LIFE CRUISE-旅するように暮らす」 Botanical Garden(ボタニカル・ガーデン)  

Osaka Cassina: From July 9, 2020