the story of mui

mui : Calm Design

We sought natural interaction and created a more relaxed display.
mui is out of sight and mind until we touch the wood surface.

That is because in Calm Design distractions need to recede from consciousness,
resulting in a better state of mind.

Private spaces should be a relief from constant connectivity.
Thus, mui acts as a bridge between your focus and the outside world.
mui asks for limited attention to give you control and the information you need.

mui is a Japanese word which depicts a natural sense of mind.

mui the product

Our team has created a new intuitive, natural user interface made of wood.
mui can both display web information and give you control of other devices.
mui invites you to interact with a natural surface in place of distracting screens.
mui connects locally and to the cloud, with an SDK that gives developers a new natural platform.

Spec Sheet

Display View Area W 360 x H 57.6 (mm)
[W 14.2 x H 2.3 (inch)]
  Dots M-UI Gen2 Display 200 x 32
  Color M-UI White
Input Capacitive Touch Panel M-UX Material Tocuh
Network Wi-Fi
  Bluetooth Low Energy  
Microphone   1 installed
Speakers   1 installed
Power Source Type   AC100-240V(50Hz/60Hz)
Energy Consumption   Max 50W
Product Dimension   W 674 x H 85 x D 26 (mm)
[W 26.5 x H 3.3 x D 1.0 (inch)]
Item Weight   1200g (2.65lbs)
Waterproof Function   No
Voice Activation   Under Development

Product specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Product specifications may vary regions.

Versatile mui is adaptable for use with various applications and cooperate with other equipment from now on.

Weather Info
Voice Mail

mui interfaces between object and information. mui is a conduit. mui has many applications.
mui can combine a multitude of devices and frameworks.
mui is a display for humans and a platform for code.
mui’s intuitive technology lets you control your space and understand the world.


mui Kickstarter Movie (Short Version) Oct 19 2018 Launch

mui:Calm Design Device

mui:Height Marking in Wood


mui Lab, Inc.

mui Lab is located in the Japanese city of Kyoto,
for a millennium up until the nineteenth century, the old capital city.
Since its inception mui Lab has been developing technologies for innovation-driven application and products.

locations ‒ between tech & history, between old capitals

Kyoto, Japan

  • 2F, 294-1 Tawaraya-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-City, Kyoto, 604-0966
  • TEL: +81-75-708-8660
  • Attn: Ken Miyake (VP of Marketing)
  • Email: