mui is a wooden touch panel display system that serves as a smart home control hub. It enables not only to interconnect different smart home devices, but also has its own function including notifications, light and music controller, messaging and calendar sharing. We were especially particular about the material because we value the sensibility, not to feel like robotic or coldness as we always do when it comes to interacting with digital devices. After a series of prototyping, we finally succeeded to develop very unique hardware design to use wood, which brought us to acquire the intellectual property rights.

mui is inspired by the Taoism philosophy of “mui shizen” which we believe to conceptualize the harmony among humans, the nature surrounding us and technology that we have developed.
mui emphasizes the moments of feeling joy and comfort in our daily life where more and more productivity and convenience is highlighted with the concept of “Calm Technology & Design”. Through our product, we would like you to have different experiences from the existing digital devices which may be able to fulfill your unmet needs through sharing moments and memories with your loved ones and through touching nature. Our product does not force you to change your natural behavior, but rather calmly and elegantly sit as if one of your furniture and notify you important information and encouraging more communications with your family members.

mui 1st edition Applications

mui inspires Calm Moments. mui is designed as smart home hub for connected devices and connecting family members together via applications. mui will continue to update latest features and applications via cloud computing.

Weather info
Night mode
Lighting control

mui Mobile Applications (mui App)

mui mobile app is designed for connecting families via messaging features. Via mui App platform(APIs), smart home setting up will be optimized and installed.

App Store

Google Play

Web App

Spec Sheet

Product Dimension W585.8*H78.5*D26(mm) / W23*H3.1*D1.0(inch)
Item Weight 850g(1.9lbs)
Network Wi-Fi:IEEE802.11.b/g/n/ac 2.4Ghz/5GHz
Display Output M-UI White Gen3 Display System
View Area W302.4*H57.6(mm) / W11.9*H2.26(inch) 
Input M-UX Material Touch Panel System
Speakers  2 installed
Microphone 1 installed 
Power Source Type AC100-240V(50Hz/60Hz)
Energy Consumption Max 30W
Waterproof Function Under Development
Voice Activation Under Development

Product specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Product specifications may vary regions.

Get quick tips

Where can I see and try mui boards?

You can see and try the mui device at our Kyoto headquarter.
Address: 2F, 294-1 Tawaraya-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-City, Kyoto, 604-0966 Japan
7mins on foot from Exit 7 of Marutamachi Station on the Kyoto Subway Karasuma Line

Also, mui boards (beta version) are exhibited at the following locations. (Please contact each store for availability and opening hours.)

Tokyo area:
Tsutaya Electronics – Futako Tamagawa branch
Docomo shop – Marunouchi branch
Beams Japan – Shinjuku branch (at the cash register)
Misawa home- Shibuya exhibition space

Osaka area:
Osaka Gas Hug museum
The DECK (Sakaisuji Honmachi)

Do you ship to my country?

We have designed mui to work in the countries below and can ship to these countries.


We are working on expanding the supported countries and will update accordingly.

What do I need to have other than mui board?

You need to have an AC 100-240 power outlet, Wi-Fi with internet access, and a smartphone that runs on iOS 13.0 or above to use the mui app which is essential to operate a mui board. Android users can use the web based mobile application.

What features can I use with mui?

You can use these features below. We plan to update for future releases. 
Check weather forecast / Sending voice messages and receiving text messages / Control music playback on Sonos speaker / Controlling Philips Hue connected lights / Deep breathing guiding / Timer function 

Do I have to pay a monthly subscription fee or similar to use mui?

No, we don’t have any subscription or monthly fees.

Can I use multiple mui boards at my home?

Yes! You can use multiple mui devices at once. You can send a message to an individual mui board from the mui mobile app.

What color and material do you have?

We have two models of natural wood and dark wood.


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