4 Jun 2021

New features for the mui board

We propose the way to feel the time in between, not being pressed by the time ticking 


With mui’s original application of "moment timer" , when you draw a line with your finger, the dots that make up the line disappear one by one and the moment flows. Instead of showing the time by ticking, we would like you to feel the transition of time.

In our modern life, we tend to be always chased by time in busy days. However, we wonder if the life where you always need to follow the time really fill your heart.

mui Lab would like to value the quality of time you may feel when you relate with people and nature, not the volume of time which is an endless game of trying to tackle it. With such value, we have released 3 new features.

Our new features are:

・Candle timer
・Light control timer


Candle timer

Candle timer is a unique way to see the time flow. This is an additional function to “moment timer” which was in our earlier release. It is our pleasure if you would enjoy watching the candle diminishing by second.

Please find more details here

Light control timer

Your smart light is now equipped with the timer function. When you draw the line, each dot diminishes every second and the light gradually goes down. Please enjoy your room light being expressed like the sunset.


Please find more details here



Please enjoy our new alarm application. When the set time comes, the music starts for you to welcome a new morning. 


Please find more details here